Krÿstähl strenthens sustainable finance education offering in the Indian market

krystahl provides sustainable finance education

Created in 2018, Krÿstähl offers training, advisory and certification services to public and private organisations from a wide range of industries in India and beyond.

It is a joint venture of Global Institute for Circular Economy Sustainable Development Goals (GICE&SDGs) and Sanshodhan.

Specialised in Environment Social and Governance (ESG) matters, Krÿstähl has already supported over thousands of professionals from 78 countries in deepening their understanding of sustainability and aligning with industry trends and regulations, with the overarching goal of reaching environmental security for future generations.

Krÿstähl also assists organisations in ESG impact assessment and carbon market readiness and in analysing environmental and sustainability challenges, developing effective action plans and implementing transition strategies that cater to their specific requirements.

In July 2023, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange entered into a partnership with the Global Institute for Circular Economy Sustainable Development Goals to provide sustainable finance courses in India.

Education is a key aspect for financial inclusion. The partnership aims at improving the knowledge of sustainable funding solutions in India and at fostering their development.

And Krÿstähl will facilitate access in the Indian market to the online courses on sustainable finance in capital markets delivered by LuxSE’s LGX Academy.

By joining forces with the LGX Academy, Krÿstähl adds to its offering a series of courses facilitated by the sustainable finance experts of the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX).

LGX Academy organises regular courses twice a year, covering topics like the fundamentals of sustainable finance, debt products, standards and best market practices. But it also offers tailor-made courses addressing the specific needs of certain sectors or geographies.