PerCapita integrates a P2P remittance service in its digital platform

PerCapita integrates P2P remittance service

The neobank PerCapita has implemented a peer-to-peer remittance functionality in its digital services marketplace. PerCapita is focused on serving the financial needs of hourly workers and the people in their lives.

«Hourly employees and their families face numerous challenges and may have limited access to traditional banking services, often needing to navigate stressful paycheck-to-paycheck dynamics – said Alex Ehrlich, CEO, and President at PerCapita.

We are committed to enhancing the financial well-being of our user community while offering a comprehensive suite of services with partners that share this ethos. This collaboration with Brightwell will provide a secure, convenient in-app option for international money transfers».

The new functionality was developed with Brightwell, an Atlanta-based payments technology company.

How the service was developed

By leveraging Brightwell's software development kit (SDK) for ReadyRemit, PerCapita can easily add the new remittance features to its solution, eliminating the need for extensive development resources and time-consuming development cycles.

Using their SDK, the neobank was able to conduct test transactions within a week, saving significant IT resources.

Brightwell launched ReadyRemit in 2022 to enable businesses to integrate cross-border transactions easily and quickly via APIs or SDKs.

Powered by The Bancorp Bank, N.A., and Brightwell's international payment partners, ReadyRemit enables businesses to quickly launch a global payment program to drive customer loyalty and capitalize on a new revenue stream.