You Pay, We Plant: how ReforestPay is enabling greener payments


​​ReforestPay is a new fintech set to disembark, in the coming months of 2022, in the UK and EU. 

Right now, paytech is still in its infancy — getting its ducks in order, its investors and shareholders aligned, trying out its tech. In this blog, we’ll talk about ReforestPay; What ReforestPay is? What are its values? And its benefits. A flyby look at what this fintech has to offer.

What is ReforestPay?

Based in Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom, ReforestPay is a paytech currently only available for signups - as of March/April 2022 - that’s aimed at UK and EU merchants. 

The powerhouse, with a lot of bluster, drive, and ambition filling its engines - plans to expand its reach to the shores of North America and Australia by the end of this year, and really make a go at invading those distant lands in 2023.

The firm, which was only recently founded, as of December 2021, is the brainchild of Matt and Bethan Unsworth.

But, what exactly is ReforestPay, and why should you care?

Well, ReforestPay at its core is a paytech. This is a fast-growing sector of commerce that is one of the leading branches of the fintech industry. 

Paytechs are companies that use cutting-edge technology to help merchants, users, and others to transfer values electronically. in other words, to pay for goods, products, and services digitally. 

What makes ReforestPay different from its peers is that the company intends to plant a tree - per its name - for every transaction the firm processes. It’s a really bold move, one that cements it as one of the leading edge eco-friendly fintech operating right now. 

ReforestPay, as far as a payment processor, has integrated with most e-commerce platforms, including, but not limited to WooCommerce, OpenCart, and PrestaShop.

For every digital transaction done through its platform or payment gateway, the company promises to plant a tree and then notify the customer.

As of right now, ReforestPay has partnered with the Reforest Group, a Non-Profit whose sole aim is to reforest the world, combat climate change, and generally help mother nature along. 

The Reforest Group makes it easier for individuals to save Earth, through various activities and provisions — all at an affordable price. 

Where are the trees planted?

ReforestPay trees are planted all over the globe, in places, their commute along with the Reforest Groups has determined they are most needed. 

Today, the company uses a “tree planting profile,” one backed up by science, data, and research to determine where they are most needed. Individuals can have a tally of the total number of trees their transaction has planted simply by going to their “merchant profile” on their website. 

ReforestPay’s Mission 

ReforestPay believes that many of today’s woes can be ameliorated thanks to the power of tech. That we’re not really taking advantage of the massive power we have right now, one that is growing and evolving exponentially. 

Not only issues regarding the unbanked, but more global ecological problems, such as climate change. Not only that, but ReforestPay is certain that if said tools were offered at an affordable price, then their transformative power will be embraced by the public.

ReforestPay pay has three goals on which it bases its whole business model. Everything within their platform is perfectly synched to align with these three objectives.

  • Plant a tree for every transition — their mission is to slowly reforest the world. 
  • Help businesses grow — while showing them the power of eco-advocacy.
  • Support businesses and clients by providing various payment methods across the globe.

Features of ReforestPay

Although it's still in signup mode, and getting all its plugins and security features in order, right now, ReforestPay, is nonetheless a cornucopia of tech-heavy benefits and tools. Let’s look at some of them.


Merchants can collect fixed payments from their clients/consumers on a regular basis in an automated way.


Merchants are not limited to one payment method, they can use multiple ones depending on their consumer’s needs and demands. They can take in-store payments, as well as payments over the phone and net. Merchants can send out links, numerical codes, and QR codes in order to facilitate payments.


Easily integrated API, that takes merchant payment methods worldwide. Your customer can use alternative even secondary payments gateways, such as PayPal — that way, your customer feels more at ease during checkout. 


A plethora of plugins and integrations — ReforestPay uses some of the world’s leading e-commerce solutions. Amongst them, WooCommerce, Magneto 2, PrestaShop, OpenCart, WHMCS, and BigCommerce.

Payment plans

Merchants can create payment plans that adhere to their business needs. The platform can also advise its clients on how to connect to their payment gateway and build custom solutions.


ReforestPay uses different plugins, most PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and 3DS secure and has built-in DDOS protection.

Transaction Fees

Merchants pay per transaction, as of today, ReforestPay has no hidden signup fees — it’s free. The current transaction fee is 29p on top of the card scheme, the acquired fees, and the interchange fee.