How does your money impact the environment? Creed tells you

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In this article, we’re going to talk about the financial platform known as CREED --- give you an overview of its features, what CREED actually is, and tell you how for less than the price of a small bag of M&Ms you can make a huge difference

What is CREED?

CREED is a UK-based FinTech whose primary goal is to help you understand and take a conscious look at the way you use your money and how it impacts the environment. Seems a bit lofty, right? 

Well, it seems that something as simple as binge-watching Seinfeld on Netflix could have a rather devastating blow on our environment. A recent study, performed by Nathan Ensmenger at Indiana University, revealed that data centers that support the Internet use a frightful amount of energy. So, each time a new marathon worthy series hits those waves, these centers’ coolant tanks have to work overtime just so the servers don’t overheat. 

In essence, streaming hurts the environment. Another example? Cryptocurrency mining, and our obsession with it, can over time become disastrous to our environment due to the energy consumption needed to maintain the infrastructure

And those are just one of a hundred things we take for granted. One of a thousand ways our economic habits are affecting the environment. Ask yourself, how many times do you fill up your car with petrol a month? What companies are you investing in that don’t promote green practices within their business model? What products are you buying which ultimately hurt Mother Nature? 

CREED is one of the many trendsetters right now in open banking, and Greentech. The company is changing the way we approach our environment and our spending. Why? Because current generations, no matter the age, will feel the brunt of all those shocking climate change facts scientists seem to be in an uproar about

The truth is, today, due to Big Data, we can calculate not only our carbon footprint but those of our loyal brands. A simple change in our habits, switching from one brand to the other, can achieve a massive impact on the state of our planet. 

From £1.25 per week, CREED can in fact help you reduce and offset your carbon footprint. The company's main goal is to make you as carbon neutral as possible. And with over 1200+ CREED is on its way to truly shake things up — making a decisive dent in the current status quo. 

How does CREED work?

CREED is an app/software that has built-in compatibility with most UK banks and credit unions. Right now the app covers 97% of the UK market. To check out your compatibility, follow this link. Its cutting-edge algorithm allows you to connect to all your current bank accounts and credit cards in a secure and highly encrypted manner. 

Once each bank is linked to the app via Open Banking, all your purchases and transactions will be automatically correlated and analyzed by CREED. The app then gives you a detailed breakdown of how your actions, including credit card swipes, are affecting the environment. 

As an added bonus, CREED also helps you get the most out of your money since it not only displays your carbon footprint but lays out, in a clear succinct way, how you approach your personal spending, in other words, it serves as a financial planner. 

CREED gives you an unvarnished view of your financial M.O., it doesn’t change it — the transformation is up to you. 

  • CREED tracks how you spend your money.
  • Sets financial goals — not only climate impacts objective but more mundane ambitions, like retirement, nest eggs, and even a cushion for next year’s vacation. 
  • Rewards you for positive, environmentally friendly spending. 
  • Serves as a robo-advisor/digital broker that can invest and grow your money by funding sustainable companies that protect our planet. 

How does CREED calculate your environmental impact?

CREED’s carbon footprint calculator can create a digital profile of your transaction and how it impacts the planet by carefully analyzing not only the amounts spent but the companies you spent it on. Each transaction you make generates a different greenhouse gas emission value. Each is unique. Each affects our ecosystem to a degree. 

CREED’s algorithm dissects each purchase you make and based on pre-set criteria calculates its carbon footprint. GreenHouse Gas emission parameters, the conversion factors it uses for its complex calculations, are sources from notable scientific data providers. Amongst them: UK Government Guidelines for Carbon Footprint reporting, Exiobase. DEFRA, Ecoinvest, Vitalmetrics, and Leeds University data.

Get in on the change

Acquire early access to CREED and become a trailblazer in this revolution by visiting Effortlessly save and grow your money while making a positive impact on your environment. Change the world around you.  A world in which the future is in your hands, one swipe of your credit card at a time.