Rebellion Pay: the Spanish neobank "like no bank"


Rebellion is a digital account - a neobank/fintech - that uses mobile options and tech and leverages the power of cryptocurrencies.

Rebellion enables its user to control their money the way they want it without the meddling of banks or overseers. As the company states, “a 100% mobile bank account to pay, send and receive money without fees.” Rebellion aims to maximize your money, with campaigns and cryptocurrencies. In this article, we’ll talk about Rebellion.

In particular, how Rebellion Pay works? What Rebellion is? And if you should sign up for it. 

What is Rebellion?

With a total funding amount of $7.6 million, Rebellion is a fairly vogue neobank whose primary office is in Madrid, Spain. It is a neobank aimed at the millennial generation and Gen Zers.

The company, Rebellion, was created to meet the demands of today’s jaded youth. Those individuals that do not identify, nor trust, conventional banks — those that have become a bit weary when it comes to traditional banking solutions and their less than stellar performance rate, not to mention constant governmental meddling.

Rebellion is cemented as one of the most avant-garde Spanish neobank operating in the region, offering banking services that are more in line with streaming services than conventional banks. 

The company is mainly funded by the Gala Capital Partner firm and has various Seed rounds under its belt. The Gala Capital firm is a venture capital company that invests heavily in Spanish startups. Today, Rebellion is one of the most used, and top-rated Fintechs in Spain. 

Rebellion Features

The main motto of Rebellion is “like no bank” — in other words, it’s your money, you do with it what you like. Today, the company offers free, initiative, easy sign-up models whose main drive is that it is painless, there's no hassle involved, no waiting, and you’re not locked into a contract. The latter means that if you feel you don’t like the product, you can leave any time without having to shell out anything. There are no hidden clauses.


Users get a personal account number (IBAN) that they can use to send, receive and manage their money. Users will need to fund the account via bank transfers. 


All users get a prepaid Mastercard. Rebellion has teamed up with Mastercard, and integrated their security features, as well as their global merchant web, in order to give their users a prepaid debit Mastercard.

Users of Rebellion can pay with their mobile, as well as their plastic, with total security and contactless. Users get a free virtual card, as well as a tangible, material card. Both are ideal for all types of payments and shopping experiences. 


Users can withdraw money in most ATMs, without having to deal with fees.

Fast sign up

Users can download the Rebellion app and sign up for their service in less than 5 minutes. Within those same 5 minutes, they can top their account, by linking their bank account or going to a vendor and funding their Rebellion wallet, and start spending at their favourite retailer, as well as invest in cryptocurrencies with the lowest fees on the market. 


Straight from the Rebellion app, users can buy and invest in cryptos. Rebellion offers one of the lowest fees/commissions on the market. Users can invest in cryptos like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Cardano, Litecoin, and many more right from the Rebellion platform. Rebellion uses state-of-the-art technology and security, and promises that your funds are always available. You can sell your cryptos instantly and have them transferred directly to your Rebellion account with no additional fees. 


Know what happens in real-time with your portfolio. Rebellion will send you notification of cryptos flows, that way you’ll know when the price is right — either to buy or to sell. 

Control transactions

Thanks to the Rebellion app, users can control their transactions in real-time. Know how much money they have, get a clear idea of their spending habits, and create clear financial goals they can follow. 

Flash Transfers

100% free, no hidden fees, transfers of payments between “Rebellion buddies.” Send and pay money to other Rebellion users at the drop of a hat. Instant transfers.


All Rebellion accounts, as well as its Mastercards, are secured using cutting-edge tech. Users can activate, deactivate, or block their card at any time straight from the app. In case your card is stolen, or you’ve misplaced it, you won’t need to call the bank in order to put a freeze on it — all you need is access to your account, from the app, to secure your money and block your card.

Direct Debit

Pay bills, your landlord, or your subscription service via Rebellion. Set up direct pay and even have your salary deposited - free of charge - into a Rebellion.


Today, Rebellion is only available for Spanish residents. You’ll need a residency permit (TIE) or a Spanish ID or an EU Passport. You’ll also require a Spanish mobile phone number. Nevertheless, Rebellion is making headway and trying to reach other markets.