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Resuelve Tu Dueda, the Mexican Debtech that is growing in LatAm and Europe

resuelve tu dueda

Resuelve Tu Deuda is a Mexican Fintech company responsible for solving consumers’ debts. 

The company helps clients who, because of their over-indebtedness situation, cannot fulfill their credit commitments. 

This credit repairer has helped people clean up their finances and recover their financial tranquillity by settling their debts. 

The principal motto of Resuelve Tu Deuda is that everybody deserves a second chance to start over.  With over 12 years of experience, Resuelve Tu Deuda has become the first and largest debtech company in Latin America and Europe. 

What is Resuelve Tu Deuda?

Resolve Your Debt is a Mexican consumer debt management company, particularly one of three registered by PROFECO –  the branch of the Mexican government responsible for protecting consumers. 

The company worries about the need for Mexicans to have a trustworthy financial consultant to help them solve their financial problems. 

It helps them negotiate their debt with creditors and later liquidate dues at a discount, which translates to paying less. 

At the same time, Resuelve Tu Deuda can restore the banks' past-due portfolio, which has deteriorated in recent years. 

The firm will help settle your debt by analyzing your case through a company's advisor while accessing the information about your finances. 

Then, the company establishes a settlement plan, renegotiates terms, and reconciles your debts with entities according to your ability to pay. 

But not only will Resuelve Tu Deuda resolve your debt issue but it will also help you save money during the negotiation process. Once this step is achieved, you are prepared to mend your financial obligations. 

To take advantage of this program, you must: 

- Have debts greater than 35,000 pesos, either within ONE account or by adding all your debts.

- Have a backlog in debt payments.  

- Have debts in credit cards, microcredits, automotive, personal, or departmental loans.

- Pay a program registration fee equivalent to one month of your savings, a monthly commission of 55 pesos for every 10,000 pesos of your debt, and a success commission of 15%. 

More importantly, Resuelve Tu Deuda restores tranquillity and provides customers with control over their finances with a debt-free new beginning. 

History of Resuelve Tu Deuda

Resuelve Tu Deuda was founded in March 2009 by Juan Pablo Zorrilla and Javier Velasquez. It emerged as the first credit repair company capable of solving the debts of numerous Mexicans who were victims of over-indebtedness between 2002 and 2009. 

This was due to the global financial crisis of 2008.  The company is made up from the union of two other firms called La Tasa and Enconta. The Mexican population largely wanted to continue to honour their financial obligations despite their difficult situation and limited resources to carry them through. Taking this into account, Zorrilla and Velasquez, students at the University of Stanford, decided to implement a fairly successful debtech business like the ones seen in the United States. 

They wanted to help pay off the debts of Mexicans who desired to meet their obligations but could no longer do it. Resuelve Tu Deuda provides the necessary support to achieve customers’ financial goals. 

The company has demonstrated positive outcomes in the field of professional solutions focused on debt resolution. Since its foundation, the company has cleared up over 300 thousand debts globally towards customer satisfaction.

Resuelve Tu Deuda has its main office in Mexico with branches in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Colombia. Soon it will open in Brazil.

Through a savings plan, the company helps customers to honour their debts with their own resources and with discounts that can reach up to 70%. However, it is worth mentioning, that Resuelve Tu Deuda will not help you to:

Clean your Data credit

Resuelve Tu Deuda will only help you honor your debts, but will not erase your credit history

Get a loan toward debts

You will pay your debts with your own savings.

Does not resolve ALL debts

Resuelve Tu Deuda will not resolve all your debts. For example, mortgage or collateral debts are not negotiable. 

Cease collection calls

Collection calls will end once the debt is negotiated with the creditor.

Features of Resuelve Tu Deuda

For Resuelve Tu Deuda, your peace of mind and financial stability is their main concern. Therefore, they offer the following features:

Resuelve App

With the App, you can stay up-to-date with everything involving the negotiation of your debts, accounts, and savings.

Design of customized plans

A debt expert analyzes your case and designs a savings plan with reduced monthly payments. By paying with your own personal financial resources, you avoid requesting additional loans and incurring more indebtedness.

Up to 70% discount

They negotiate with your creditors and obtain a discount of up to 70% on your debt.

Qualified advisors

You will count on a team of advisors throughout the negotiation process who will guide you and answer all your questions.


The savings are deposited into an account under your name, while Resuelve Tu Deuda accompanies you until the debts are completely settled.

Reports the credit score before the risk centers

Positive payments are reported to the Risk Centers as long as they meet the terms agreed in the program.


As the savings of the clients are gathered and kept in an account under their name in a Popular Financial Society (SOFIPO), such a company is regulated by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV). 

The company's operations are also supervised by agencies such as the Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office (PROFECO), as well as it holds all the requirements stipulated by the law to operate in the country.