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Tarjeta Naranja: how the iconic Argentina's credit card has changed in the age of fintech

tarjeta naranja

Tarjeta Naranja is the biggest credit card fintech company in Argentina. With over 25 years of experience, it has become the banking option of choice in the region for merchants and cardholders. Merchants can also receive internet payments in their online stores.

Naranja enables users to boost their money’s value. It also offers its app called Naranja X allowing instant payments and a wide range of other financial features. When it comes to paying services or online shopping, the app is the convenient way to go.

What is Tarjeta Naranja?

Naranja is the major customer-oriented credit card issuer in Argentina. Since its management style is certified under the ISO standards, it guarantees excellent customer and online banking services. Besides providing financial services to its customers, it has expanded to offer loans and insurance as well. The goal of Naranja is not only to strengthen itself as a fintech powerhouse, but to make life easier for merchants and customers.

Nowadays, people avoid the hassle of traditional financial institutions and demand more accessible choices to manage their money. That is why Naranja offers a wide catalogue of credit card options according to everyone's needs.

Among the options, you can choose from Tarjeta Naranja Clásica and Oro; Tarjeta Naranja Visa, Mastercard, and American Express; or Naranja Teen for youths with a monthly purchase limit. Applying for a card is as simple as filling out an application form, showing your DNI, and submitting a current service receipt. It can be done in person or online. Having a Tarjeta Naranja will provide you with diverse shopping and finance options.

As Naranja has been growing as a credit card business, it also has created a mobile app to enhance its cardholders' experiences.

The application provides solutions for all credit card customers' requirements such as paying bills, checking accounts, confirming recent purchases, applying for loans, and requesting additional or new cards. With the app, you can also open an account in Argentine pesos to send and receive money or recharge.

If you are a business owner, you will be able to count on the "Touch" service to solicit and manage your sales just with the LCD screen. The businesses attached to Tarjeta Naranja offer a wide range of products and services at more than 170,000 points of sale, with purchase plans in instalments, cash loans, discounts, and special benefits.

Features of Naranja

Naranja offers diverse benefits that adapt to users' needs:

Points of sales

The businesses attached to Naranja’s wide infrastructure offer a wide range of products and services at more than 170,000 points of sale, with purchase plans in instalments, cash loans, discounts, and special benefits.

Zeta plan

Naranja counts with a Zeta Plan, which allows you to choose up to 3 interest-free instalments when paying for purchases.

Naranja service for mobile phones

Customers can access all their cell information regarding movements, cash availability, and credit recharge.

Online Naranja Service

Customers can consult and print the account summary, check the card balance, and choose the most convenient payment method.

Major credit card partnership

Partnering with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express widens its benefits.


Innovative technologies secure money transactions.

Experienced customer service

Customer-oriented services provide a smooth process and numerous promotions throughout the country.

Credit card online application

Customers can order cards online by submitting picture ID such as a passport or government endorsed ID.

Naranja X app

The app allows free transfers to virtual wallets or bank accounts, payments for goods and services, and recharge.

Easy account opening

An account can be open in pesos with no opening or maintenance fees.

Loans and Insurance

The company offers loans and insurance products to customers in an easy application process.


Use for withdrawal throughout the country, cell phone recharge, and online services subscriptions.

The History of Tarjeta Naranja

Tarjeta Naranja was founded in 1985 in Córdoba, Argentina. Founders David Ruda and Gerardo Asrín first introduced the credit card to their customers in their former sports business. Since the shopping bags were orange, the customers nicknamed the card ¨Naranja - orange in English. Soon, the credit card began to expand locally and later in the entire country as a payment solution for merchants. In 1995, it partnered with Banco Galicia to grow even more and offer new services and benefits to cardholders and merchants. 

Later on, Tarjeta Naranja also joined Visa, providing cardholders with numerous solutions to their credit card issues. Mastercard and American Express joined after, deepening the growing process worldwide. In 2017, the company's identity was renewed by dropping the word "Tarjeta" and simply called "Naranja". By that time, the company was more than a credit card issuer. By 2018, Naranja unified with Tarjeta Nevada, a credit card from the cities of Mendoza and San Juan, thus becoming the major credit card fintech of Argentina. 

The company also operates Tienda Naranja, an online marketplace where customers can sell a variety of merchandise. As of today, Naranja has over 260,000 “Comercios Amigos”, 3,400 associates and employees, and 238 branches. It also has more than 5 million clients, more than 7.8 million cards issued around the country, and billed $5.7 billion per year.