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On Tulipshare, you can be an activist and an investor

activist investing on tulipshare

Did you know, that unless otherwise stated, each time you buy a stock or share of a company you are in fact buying voting rights? When you buy a share you are buying a portion of a company — that means that you now own a percentage of it and have a say so as to the direction it should move towards. How they conduct their business. Where they should invest. What projects they should spearhead. The problem is that your share, what you bought is minuscule, you need a lot of sick in order to actually get your voice heard and enforce a change.

That’s where Tulipshare comes along. In this article, we’re going to give you the scoop on Tulipshare. Tell you how Tulipshare works and more importantly, what Tulipshare is. 

What is Tulipshare?

Tulipshare is a fintech/platform that empowers individuals, through collective pooling, to make positive changes within some of the biggest startups, and companies on the planet. It is a brand new platform focused on impactful solutions and projects that, through shareholder rights, can make the planet just a bit better. 

Tulipshare is part of a brand new trend called activist investment. It values their mementos ideas and thinks that investors should have the power to ask a critical question about the management of their funds and the companies they have bought into. How does Tulipshare do this?

Tulipshare groups and pools stocks/shares collectively, from various individuals, and use them as leverage in order to get a “seat” of a bit more power during strategic meetings concerning a company’s path. Presently, most investors - due to the fact that they have few shares within a company - take a passive approach to the way the company they are funding works. They more often than not lose critical chances to alined their investment strategies with their world POV and sensitivities. 

The story of Tulipshare

Tulipshare was founded in London, with a simple yet powerful idea — give investors the might and power to use their stock in order to promote changes within a company. Activist investing isn’t something new. It’s something that’s been around for ages, and in many cases has had major Coups. Most companies allow their investors to have a word as to how they operate - all but Google, which is notorious for its Draconian clauses tied to its shares. The main problem most retail investors have had is that to really create change with a given company, they need a lot of capital — they need to invest a good chunk of cash and with it grab hold of more stocks and more power within the company structure. Companies have a limited investment threshold, each has one that is unique, unfortunately in most cases that “minimum” is a bit outside the scope of retail investors. 

The platform was launched in July 2021 and consisted of an 8-person team. Initial round-up of investing, pre-seed funding, earned Tulipshare over $1 minion. Amongst its investors, you can find Speedinvest and angel investors, including Monzo founder Tom Blomfield. 

Tulipshare’s first campaign actually garnered a lot of attention as it took on the tech’ giant, Apple. The campaign triggered engagement from Apple parts when over $33,000 was being leveraged against it. It was a milestone that asked Apple to reevaluate its repair policies and allow third-party technicians to fix their devices. 

What does Tulipshare do?

Tulipshare unifies investing power and shares, from like-minded individuals, and then leverages that pool to promote changes and policy shifts within a company. Tulipshare builds activists' campaigns within its mainframe based on research done by its team or community submission that advocates change. Tulipshare investors then choose an issue they want to champion and the platform groups share years ago, unheard of.

How does Tulipshare work?

You create an account, add money to it, and pick a campaign you are attracted to. Afterward, you invest in that company, the once Tulipshare wants to pressure, and in doing so you allow the platform to reach different milestones. Each milestone inches the campaign forward. 

Investors can monitor the progress of their campaign and how their shares are helping promote the change they desired. 

Does Tulipshare charge a fee?

Yes, Tulipshare, does charge a small fee. Unlike other brokers, it does take a slice, for operations, from your investing. A small fee. Between $0.50 to $0.75.