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Wenance: the Argentinian fintech for digital consumer lending


Wenance is the Argentinian Fintech company focused on consumer lending. 

Its target is to provide a more pleasant financial experience to people by giving them more control over their money through agile, effective, and incredibly transparent processes. 

Wenance's high-performing technology provides a trustworthy process to its users Wenance's goal is to improve the financial needs of their customers through simple and safe access to financial networks — thanks to current technologies, methodologies, and trends. 

One of its main services is to give loans to users who are looking for a different and more affordable alternative to traditional banks.

What is WENANCE?

Wenance is a Fintech Company in Argentina that offers financial products and solutions for individuals. 

It provides a banking platform where customers can feel confident that their financial needs are being met. Wenance's goal is to transform the traditional perception of banking into a more global and radical one, one that adheres to the modern digital era.

Financial institutions need to evolve along with digital technology in order to offer customers a well regulated financial platform where they are the ones in charge of their finances. 

This will make clients feel more at ease and empower them to better manage their money through a well-organized and clear-cut process. 

Wenance operates under two main brands such as Welp and Mango, which uphold the standard and practice of constant inclusion and financial education of people.

Welp is a multi-product financial platform with which users can handle their finances in a simple, agile, and efficient manner through online loan applications. As a client, once the loan is approved, you will have the freedom to select how many installments you want to pay on any give loan.

Meanwhile, Mango facilitates credit applications for people who are not qualified by the financial system — that either have no score or a low one. Mango helps build their credit profile by providing the necessary tools, helping them learn how to manage their finances. With this branch of its platform, Wenance promotes credit inclusion to many more people. 

Wenance offers professionals reliable financial answers to their banking needs.

History of WENANCE

Wenance was conceived with the vision of focusing on the underbank – offering a wide financial portfolio for banked or unbanked people. 

For several years, founder and current Wenance CEO, Alejandro Muszak, learned about the offline banking industry and in 2014 he decided to take part in the digital revolution. That same year, Wenance officially began operations in Argentina.

The digital technology experience makes Wenance unique as it is positioned as a cutting-edge tech company in the region. 

At the end of 2017, as a start-up, it started operations in Uruguay and became the first Fintech company in Argentina in presenting a public personal credit portfolio trust for AR $100 million in the digital market. 

Since its disembarkment  in Uruguay, it has granted over 33 thousand credits —  for a total of 18.8 million dollars. 

Globally, Wenance has financed more than 400,000 credits, possesses over 50 million dollars in an active portfolio, and has more than 150 thousand customers. It also provides loans of up to $300,000 for a maximum of 36 instalments with interest rates that vary according to the client's profile ranging from 50% to 100%. 

Wenance is the first South American Fintech to migrate its service to the European continent, starting its operations in Spain in October 2018. 

Also, aside from Argentina and Uruguay, it recently opened its doors in Mexico.

Wenance focuses its growth on technology evolution and empowers itself with talented software engineers and professionals – this represents their most valuable assets. It has over 400 employees which have increased by more than 50% during 2018. Today, globally, Wenance has a huge base of more than 800 employees, of whom 35 are in their Uruguay headquarters scattered among the commercial team, collections, and back-office  monitoring of daily operations.

Wenance's main purpose is to enhance people's life by allowing them to access radical financial services and simplifying their economy.  

Features of Wenance

Managing Money

Wenance gives its clients the possibility of having a more agile and self-managed financial lifestyle. It has digital, paperless operations that adapt to current trends.

Online loan applications

Through the Welp or Mango brands, people over 21 years of age can apply for a loan. One of the essential values of Wenance is financial inclusion — so anyone can access credits online without any inconvenience.

Secure platform

Wenance offers a premier security system that prevents personal data from being hacked and protects the user's confidentiality.

Variable interest rates

Rates vary according to scoring and financial education.

Financial inclusion

Wenance serves two types of audience, one, called underbanked, and another that has no relationship with the banks. 

For the first, Welp is the perfect solution for requesting long-term loans, for larger amounts, in order to fulfill certain dreams or requirements — such as buying a car. For the seconds, there is the Mango solution. 

It represents a product focused on microcredit with short-term loans and much smaller amounts that are aimed to quickly solve a customer need.


Wenance, with its many brands, offers professional and reliable financial answers to its user’s banking needs.