Moss: the German emerging fintech for SMEs

moss fintech

The fintech world is flooded with promising prospects that oftentimes fall short when it comes to groundbreaking services and features.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world that right now is saturated. They usually wind up providing the same benefits as their competition, failing to address the consumers’ actual needs. The distinction between one another becomes almost non-existent.Plenty of companies fail to give trustworthy fintech services to other fellow businesses and SMEs.

Moss is here to change that for good. In this post we’ll investigate what Moss is? And what advantages it has over its peers. 

What Is Moss?

Moss is a fintech that provides thorough transaction analysis for companies and SMEs. It helps clients keep a solid account of all expenses, and also permits them to create a budget in a more efficient way. This is done by utilizing diverse technological tools that help users.

What makes Moss stand out from its competitors boils down to two factors: The first one is that it is a barely exploited market niche, which gives Moss the upper hand. The second one is that they offer solutions that are actually useful, and provide users with groundbreaking benefits.

History of Moss

Moss is a company proceeding from Germany. Their success has driven them to search for new market opportunities across the European Union. With the providing of simple access to powerful business tools to SMEs, they have helped their clients achieve inimaginable goals. 

Today, Moss is disembarking in other EU regions — Enclosing themselves to the domestic German market would be a mistake, as several other EU - and overseas - nations could benefit from their products. After receiving positive feedback following their launch in the Netherlands, they are slowly marching into other territories..

Their mission is as transparent as their work ethic: Bestowing startups and tech companies with the digitization of expenses in a convenient and intuitive manner — offering customizable, all-in-one solutions to companies.

What services do Moss offer? 

The most recognizable one is easy access to virtual and physical credit cards. Issuing credit cards in regular banks can be cumbersome, but with Moss it’s as easy as one-two-three. Other pros of using Moss have to do with digital invoice management, integrated Slack memos, an easy-to-follow employee expense tracking system, and reliable liquidity management. The automated approach to the integration of accounting software and ERP systems make Moss the MVP of the segment.

Moss strives to become the lead platform in financial management. Helping businesses manage payments, financial liaisons, and cash flow in an analytical, data-fueled way. Several finance and technology experts work conjointly on a daily basis to continually transform the platform — adding new features, maintaining old ones, updating its competitive bite. 

Features of Moss

Moss offers a wide span of features that helps blend both businesses and management seamlessly. Some of them are:

Maximum Credit Card Acceptance

Since Moss is linked to the Mastercard credit card system, their cards work like any other card — from traditional banking institutions. Both physical and virtual form cards can be acquired in a few clicks.

An extra perk regarding their cards is that all of them have a 0.4% cashback policy.

Another upside to Moss credit cards is that they can be frozen or unfrozen instantaneously, providing an extra level of security, safety and control — even when having multiple cards at the same time for different departments and purposes.

Employee Carding Without Restrictions

Since there is no limit to the number of cards issued, an account can hold many cards without any problem. Thai means you can devote different cards to different purposes and view them in a systematic, intuitive way in one dashboard — making expense tracking much easier.

Employee Budget Restriction to Credit Cards

Having multiple cards for multiple employees may sound chaotic. With Moss, budget restriction can be applied to each card — if the budget needs to be modified, you can do it with a simple clicks as the main administrator..

Complete Digital Invoicing Control

Moss provides digitization of the invoicing. This gives you real-time budget control. Amongst the futures of this tool:

  • External invoice approval. 
  • OCR invoice scanning - it transforms PDFs into “writable” text”. 
  • Verified payment authorization requirements. If invoices need to be paid after their due date, this can be done too.

Also, invoice processes can be easily exported into your company’s administrative software.

Subscription Management (Monthly Subscription Payments)

Automated payments— All monthly subscription payments can be paid automatically by assigning each payment to the desired card. Long gone are the days of having to manually execute each payment.

Automated Expense Management

You’ll have real-time management, with digital receipt management, automated preparatory accounting for future transactions, and smart receipt inboxes. Any duplicated or redundant expenses will be highlighted, diminishing the possibilities of double counting.

Slack Receipt Reminders

For those companies that use Slack, Moss has built-in features that link up to it, including receipt reminders, making group expense management easy and straigh-forward.

Easy Exports Into Accounting Software

Once the month is finished and reports need to be created, all of the data can be easily exported to DATEV software and CSV files, making it optimal for scalable, month-to-month company growth analysis reports. In this way creating trustworthy benchmarks and reports is a simple task.

Moss Is the Ultimate Solution for SMEs

Moss is the perfect solution for companies such as startups and tech companies that are trying to gain a competitive edge. Extensive data reports facilitated by an intuitive expense manager and tracker will give SMEs the boost they need to succeed. It is a matter of time until Moss encounters massive success in the EU and other territories too.