Zindigi redefines mobile banking for Millennials and the Gen Z

zindigi fintech

Zindigi is an all-new Pakistani mobile banking service, mostly envisioned for Millenials, and the Gen Z. It provides clients who are getting started in the financial world a reliable platform backed by a reputable bank, JS Bank. Users can perform multiple actions like online and in-store money spending, access trading, and customize user interface.

What Is Zindigi?

Zindigi is a customizable app that was created by JS Bank. Its purpose is to simplify users’ lives by connecting them with an integrated, easy-to-use interface that makes banking simple and intuitive. It is an app that caters mostly to Millenials, and Gen Z clients. 

The whole concept behind the app is to create a “financial experience.”One that is specifically tailored to the clients’ needs. Through active collaboration with users the app improves not only its algorithms but also the client's financial stability – giving them a sense of economic freedom and success. 

“Zindigi is all about the customers.” Noman Azhar, Chief Digital Officer and Head of Zindigi, perfectly states what the company stands for.

This only resonates deeper when delving into their mission statement. The company declares that they want to provide high-quality services supported by the latest technology – never once overlooking their values as a company.

Standing at the forefront of their vision are 3 concepts: Innovation, customer satisfaction, and responsibility. 

Given their ambitious enterprise, the bank has  introduced Zindigi into 13 cities in Pakistan. Zindigi has captured the eyes of thousands of consumers that have joined its financial experience.

Features of Zindigi

Zindigi holds a vast array of features that endows customers with the ultimate tailored made experience. It is a platform that allows its clients to actually perform all of their banking and finance in one single place.

Drag and drop widgets, two and three-step customized authentication processes and various personalized themes are staples of the user experience on Zindigi.

Pay Bills

Convenient bill payments –  by following 3simple authentication steps, users can pay for their gas, electricity, telephone, Internet, tax, and water bills from there, to name a few.

Translucent Card

This is a groundbreaking feature for Zindigi. It is the first company to offer their customers a translucent debit card in Pakistan. 

Simplified Funding

Funding is made simple with Zindigi. Funds can be directly drawn from any bank in the region’s financial network. The withdrawal can either be executed by credit card, or by a simple money transfer. Users can then use the funds for virtually anything and virtually anywhere.


What makes Zindigi stand out is the fact its security features are highly adaptable, something that is not oftentimes seen in diverse banking apps, let alone in this region. Account holders can layer security levels and leverage its different tools as they wish. 

They can use one-time password authentications via SMS or email, PIN codes, spending limits, and instantaneous card freeze/unfreeze options in Zindigi.

Mutual Funds

Investment portfolios managed by professionals is another key benefit of Zindigi. Investments can be easily performed via the app.

Cash Flow

Users can track their expenses. Cash flows options are an integrated tool of Zindigi.


Vouchers are available at Zindigi for spending with partnered companies. 

Amazon, Netflix, and Fortnite are some of the promotional items that clients can access.

These vouchers can be saved and kept for future use.


Zindigi covers clients, not only financially but physically. Financial expenses for hospitalization are covered by the Zindigi insurance. For the price of 200 PKR (approximately 1 US dollar) everyone can have health coverage.

Call a Doc

For double the amount, users can obtain free PMDC-certified doctor consultations. In addition, in case of death, the subscriber gets a life insurance policy for the cost of PKR 1M (approximately 5500 US Dollars). 

Request Money

Money requests are an essential feature in the present. They are a practical way of settling debts. With Zindigi, users can send (and also receive) requests for money payments. 

International Remittance

International money transactions between users of Zindigi are also available around the world. 


With Zindigi users can book tickets from the app for airlines, hotels, cinemas, buses, and many other services.


Intuitive, reliable, useful, and above all, fun. Zindigi is venturing into a generational segment that was screaming for attention, in a region that up until now mostly turned a deaf ear to their cries.