Fidesmo Pay launches in Switzerland with Cembra

fidesmopay switzerland cembra

Fidesmo Pay expands in Europe and is entering Switzerland by collaborating with Cembra, a Swiss provider of consumer finance products and services. 

Tech company Fidesmo, providing the wearable payment service Fidesmo Pay, has entered a collaboration together with Cembra. This means that customers with one of the payment cards issued by Cembra, will be able to connect it to a wearable with support for Fidesmo Pay and make contactless payments. Attractive Swiss wearable partners have already joined in and will launch their smart products based on Fidesmo Pay in near future. As of the end 2020, the bank has 1,030,000 credit cards in the Swiss market.

Wearables with support for Fidesmo Pay are provided by several fashion brands and are sold online and in-store. The customer can choose from a variety of wearables - watch straps, bracelets, keyrings and much more.