Fluid Finance accounts link the real world (and your money) to the metaverse

fluid finance

One app, two accounts: one for the real world, the second for the forthcoming Web3.

Fluid Finance is a Geneva-based fintech that recently launched a “mobile financial super app”. Let’s see what Fluid Finance can offer you.

Is Fluid Finance a bank account?

Yes but no. Fluid Finance is not a bank. It is a fintech with banking partners.

Fluid offers two kinds of linked accounts: a traditional bank account and a Fluid account.

The Fluid traditional bank account is currently available in the European Union, the UK, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. Fluid should soon be available in Switzerland, the United States, and Canada, too.

The traditional bank account, in EUR, USD or GBP, works like many other mobile bank accounts. But if allows you to move money to and from your Fluid account.

The Fluid account holds Fluid digital cash, i.e. a digital token you need to buy using fiat money to top up your account. Fluid digital cash can be sent to other Fluid’s users or be used to shop at merchants that will accept Fluid in the future.

But what’s good about this digital cash is that you can use it to mint money on different blockchains. The Fluid account is therefore a Web3 wallet.

And you can also earn an interest on your Fluid digital money: the interest rates you find on the website are not guaranteed. According to the fintech, the precise interest rate depends on the evolution of the business model in the future.

The Fluid Card

Like any other respectable fintech, Fluid comes with a debit card. The Fluid Card runs on the Mastercard network and in order to get it you need to:

  • undergo a quite simple ID verification process (that also allows you to open a traditional bank account in some jurisdictions);
  • hold at least one Fluid Token.

The Fluid Card can be virtual or physical, you decide.

Where is Fluid Finance available?

Fluid Finance traditional bank account is available in:

  • the EU;
  • the UK;
  • Iceland and Liechtenstein.

And it will soon be available in:

  • Switzerland;
  • the US;
  • Canada.

The Fluid Finance token-based account is available in all countries, excluding Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea and Venezuela

What else does Fluid Finance do?

Fluid Finance’s app allows you to:

  • instantly move your money between your traditional bank account and Web3 wallets, dragging and dropping your funds;
  • send and receive money to other Fluid account holders, using a nickname;
  • spend your money in the real and in the virtual world;
  • send funds to anyone who has a blockchain address;
  • obtain a virtual or a physical Fluid card.