Australian Real Estate Property to become available to all via blockchain

blockchain australia real estate

The Australian real estate property tokenization platform BRIKbc has partnered with DigiShares, to make Australian property projects accessible to everyone via blockchain technology.

Invest in Australian real estate from anywhere

BRIKbc will provide a platform to grow a real estate property portfolio and at the same time build a crypto currency portfolio with the net rent from the property.  The project envisions to educate and provide access to anyone from anywhere in the world to own at least one BRIK Token in Australian real estate property and to have the ability to build a portfolio of BRIK Tokens in various real estate projects in Australia initially between 3 million AUS dollars to 6 million AUS dollars.

The BRIKbc platform will be based on the DigiShares white label tokenization platform and will be using a customized investor dashboard and frontend.