10,000 Bitcoin ATMs installed in the world during the first 9 months of 2021

how many bitcoin atms are there

Ever wondered how many Bitcoin ATMs are there? About 30,000 in the world, but almost half of them have been installed in the last nine months.

According to data acquired by Finbold, 13,242 Bitcoin ATMs have been installed in the first three quarters of 2021: only in the Q3 4,779 machines were installed, +7.8% compared to the 4,430 ATMs of Q2 2021.

Where are Bitcoin ATMs popular?

The huge majority of these Bitcoin ATMs can be found in North America: 26,489 machines, about 93.5% of the total. Europe’s share is 4.5% with 1,268 Bitcoin ATMs. The rest of the world follows with very small figures: 290 machines in South America, 283 in Asia, 20 in Oceania, 20 in Africa.

Why such a small number of ATMs in Asia?

That is a good question. The installation of Bitcoin ATMs allows people to buy Bitcoin using cash or their payment cards, as an alternative to online cryptocurrency trading platforms.

In most countries, the unclear regulatory landscape does not help companies that want to develop a Bitcoin ATM installation project: an ATM is a physical object you can touch, attack, or remove. Whereas online platforms can be reached anytime from anywhere, bypassing stricter regulations.