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Zenus Bank: how to open a US bank account even if you’re not American

zenus bank

Can a foreigner open a bank account in the US? Yes, he can, even if he does not live in the United States of America.

Zenus Bank is a digital bank that allows you to open a US bank account, wherever you are, even if you are not an American citizen or resident.

With Zenus Bank, citizens and businesses that reside in 150+ countries can open an American Retail, Corporate or Institutional bank account. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete the process.

Why should you open a US bank account? The citizens of some countries may find it interesting to keep a part of their money in a safer American account, out of potential Government controls or protected from currency fluctuations and high inflation.

There are no minimum deposit requirements, no incoming deposit fees and no restrictions on the volume or monetary value of transactions.

Zenus Bank costs are quite simple to grasp:

  • a 50 USD application fee
  • a 19.99 USD per month flat fee for all services. 


Coeherently, Zenus Bank also makes it easy for customers to transfer money in different currencies, with Institutional FX rates and no fees on P2P transactions between Zenus Bank’s customers.

How to open an account at Zenus

The whole onboarding process takes about 10 minutes, according to the bank. Zenus uses an advanced digital platform in order to carry out all verifications during the registration of a new account and for transaction approval and fraud detection. 

When you registrate for a Zenus Bank account, you must provided a valid national ID or a passport and take a “selfie” during the process: the digital platform can recognise and validate thousands of ID documents from hundred of countries.

Face and voice biometrics are also used for validating transactions and reviewing accounts.

Is Zenus Bank safe? Zenus has a US regulated certification and an international banking licence. And it provides a full-reserve banking service: it means that the money deposited by customers stays in the reserve and cannot be loaned out.

There is no risk for the customers as their money is not going to be reinvested.

Zenus Cards

All accounts include a Visa debit card. In 46 countries, customers can get a Visa Infinite Debit Card: customers immediately receive a virtual card, while the physical card is delivered in under 10 days.

This new card, called SmartMetal, is actually covered in metal and weights 13.5 grams. The Zenus brand is etched on the surface.