meet the fintech

Abhi, Pakistan's sharia-compliant digital financial platform

what is abhi

bhi is a relatively new Pakistani fintech that provides employees with salary advances based on the best rates. It is a niche digital financial platform that was founded in 2021 and is based in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. 

In this article, we’ll talk about what Abhi is, how Abhi works, what features the fintech has, and a bit about its history — all so you can get a better handle on the service and determine if its tools, benefits, and financial advantages work for you. 

What is Abhi?

Abhi is Pakistan’s first financial wellness platform. Fintech aims to change the way its clients receive and ultimately spend their salary. 

The main goal of the app is to allow its client to not only track their spending, but have instantaneous access to their money - their wages - within seconds. 

The app boasts that all its clients can get fast, easy, intuitive, and dynamic access to up to 50% of their earned salary at any given time of the month — clients can transfer forms to their accounts or digital wallet within 30 seconds. 

The app is Shariah-Compliant —- which means that the financial product or service adheres to the principles of Shariah otherwise known as Islamic Law. It is one of the many categories found in socially responsible investing. 

They differ from conventional investment funds mainly because clients can only allocate their money to companies that have been approved by a Sharia board — most companies approved by this board are those that have nothing to do with the sale of alcohol, pork products, gambling, guns and other types of activities frowned upon by Islamic doctrine. 

Trading and relating to Shariah-compliant companies and stock is considered a “halal” source of income.

Abhi's main message is:

“We work the whole war but get pain only 12 times, but with Abhi, everyday is payday.”

Amongst its many benefits is the fact that businesses can sign up to Abhi and help their employees out during the month — giving them financial independence and greater access to their wages. They can improve their employee's economy at zero cost. 

In the latter’s case:

  • Abhi doesn’t interfere with your business model or cash flow.
  • The platform takes care of everything — including record-keeping and all transactions.
  • There are no operational costs to think of.
  • Onboarding is fast and easy. 

History of Abhi

Abhi was founded as a financial wellness start-up in 2021. The app is classified as a lending service. Why? Because Abhi is a salary advance app that lends people money and uses their salary as collateral. 

It allows its subscriber to withdraw a percentage of their salary, and transfer it into any bank, or digital wallet. It also reduced the workload of HR and a company's financial department.

The app was founded in 2021 and is based in Pakistan. It was created/founded by Ali Ladhubhai and Omar Ansari. Both entrepreneurs with years of experience in the Pakistani financial world and market. 

In April 2022, Ali Ladhubhai raised over $17 million in a Series A round led by venture capital from Speedinvest. Amongst the companies that invested in Abhi, we can find global titans such as Global Ventures, VentureSouq, VEF, Sturgeon Capital, Rallycap, and FJ Labs, as well as a few original stables like Sarmayacar, i2i Ventures, and Fatima Gobi. 

This is the second funding expedition Abhi has been a part of. In 2021, the Karachi-based start-up had already participated in a successful - over $2 million raised - seed funding equity round led by Vostok Emerging Finance.

This new investment pool will be used to expand Abhi’s existing team and build out its marketing and tech capabilities in order to scale up and meet customer demands. 

Abhi has also partnered with two of Pakistan’s biggest banks — United Bank Limited and Bank Alfalah. 

Features of Abhi

Abhi is mainly aimed at employees and offers great features and services. The biggest one? Users can withdraw an advanced portion of the salary with a 2% transaction fee deduction. 

Abhi App

Users can sign up with Abhi rather quickly through their app. The lightning-fast app edits out the need for users to go to a bank, talk to an agent, or even stand in line. 

Users can operate and manage their accounts directly from the app. Log in using their CNIC, choose the amount they want to, and transfer that amount into a bank account or a digital wallet in less than 30 seconds. 

Access to your Salary

Users get advances on your salary - up to 50% of its worth. Users can take as much as they want, and as many times a month - there are no transaction limits.

Flat rate 

There are no hidden charges or interest. Abhi uses a flat rate that is charged every time a user makes a transaction. 


By entering your salary on the app, you can select the date and see how much of your wages you can access.