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Catholic Investing: Altum to launch an European retail app in 2022

altum faithful investing retail app

The Spanish advisory firm Altum Faithful Investing is developing a retail mobile-based version of its institutional investor Altum Explorer platform. 

The retail market will then access Altum Faithful Investing offering via web and mobile, being able to check if the companies they are thinking to invest in are respectful of their beliefs.

Know what your money is funding

Altum allows customers to check and review companies for compliance, or non-compliance, with key pillars of the Altum Investment Guidelines:

  • human dignity;
  • family;
  • human life;
  • creation.

All Companies are scored by Altum against each of the pillar and against key information on industry and GICS classification, market capitalisation and geographical location.

No investments in countries discriminating religious minorities

The app will fillter countries where religious freedom is negated, evaluating factors like vandalism, violence, profanations, attacks, discrimination or assassinations.

Countries are also classified by AIN – Aid for the Church in Need, based on their relative standing on the issue of abortion. For each country, retail investors can access additional data on religious distribution, human development index and Gini index scores.

Companies and countries can be compared on the basis of these factors.